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back in action

2014-12-12 12:21:35 by freakinbehemoth

the semester is over and i can finally get back into newgrounds to voice act


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2015-04-24 12:12:24


freakinbehemoth responds:

thank you, good sir!


2015-07-02 11:39:18

Good, Now If you're interested in Voice Acting just PM me or Email me okay? I'm trying to make an animation and a developing Project in the future just making sure you know it's Confidential and it will be classified until the project is done! Contact me if your interested in a good Animation project. I might not send it to Newgrounds because of one former member being such a disturbance nuisance stalker! I even joined 3 months earlier than her. We might even have to defend ourselves with a Lawsuit with this Lvl28 Pokemon lady. Anyhow, I live in California now! Mainly a couple cities away and trust me I need good voice Actors and you might be the Chosen ones of my Animations :D


2015-07-02 23:55:58

This always happen because of the Pink Knight of the Ghetto White Hood! Whatever, I just know that I live one city away from her. I'm Semi-retired from NG but I will post my future animations on Youtube. Just Email me I can introduce you a good role for my upcoming animation "Midnight Frontier Legion" Which I am working on right now. This Woman is a Sadistic Emo and She is sending people after my ass. So, If My Animations might lag it's because of this Macbook I swear, I don't like talking to sad Older women with Money issues and Cat Beating Records. She's Lucky She didn't meet my Ex. Her Parents are both Lawyers and they are not even American LOL. My current GF I will finish it before I head to Europe to meet her next year. My promise! Also, It's just a Friend of my character's Role and I promise you, You will see your name and I will work better on my endings. I just have to convert my SWF to HTML5 somehow! :/ Just Email me and I'll send you a script, the NG Version maybe a bit edited due to that crazy Eskimo trying to spy on people. Creepy 28 year olds these days and their Uganda-like Snowy Poo Poo Society!